Monday, September 21, 2015

5 ways you benefit from working with a freelance Creative Pro in the Freelance Economy.

A potential client in a LinkedIn message recently pondered the need to commission a freelance creative when they currently employ a small in-house staff.

Ahem. Allow me…


There’s a decent chance that a prospective creative freelancer has worked with more types of companies and varieties of clients in more diverse industries than your existing staff; frankly there’s a fair enough chance that the creative possesses the leadership and management chops to direct your Marketing and Communications department but prefers to remain independent, honing and adding to their skill set while in pursuit and reward of clients and assignments that challenge and inspire - and your company benefits from their expansive knowledge.

Insight: the wealth, depth and breadth of this senior-level experience can be had for entry-junior level employee prices.


It is a freelancer’s sole motivation to create and deliver your project as fast and efficiently as humanly possible. It’s in their best interest to perform a superior job to remain a reliable and valued source of future work from you. As a one-man/one-woman shop, their profit exists in meeting and more importantly, exceeding your expectations of deadline. Deliver. Invoice. Boom, on to the next assignment.

Service and availability.

An experienced freelancer knows that “Service. Service. Service.” is absolute key. They know and profess that no day or time is sacred in their studio, available 24x7 if necessary; they value and seek a mutually-constructive, long-term relationship above all else and will make damn sure you’re satisfied with every aspect of the partnership. A pro creative has already put in 3 hours in the morning before you and your staff have arrived for work and another 5 hours on the back end after everyone has gone home for the night, delivering the first proof before you're finishing that initial glorious cup of caffeine.

Insight: understand that a freelancer will run through a brick wall for a client that feeds them solid, consistent work and pays well. [on-term and on-time!]


No full-time salary, no overhead, no insurance, no benefits, no training expense required. You work with a specialist on a project-to-project basis [especially cost-effective if you have limited resources]. You commission them as a hired gun for a single project requiring specific skills; a project your in-house staff may not be able to manage, either because of the lack of expertise or time.

Insight:  an astute freelancer’s single goal and mission in life is to make an art director look good to his or her boss, period. They check the ego at the door.


Think about it: Experience = Efficiency = Affordability. Simple: a seasoned creative pro that charges fair market value for services will complete a first-rate project exponentially quicker, requiring less revisions, minimal communication and direction, with no headaches than a less-experienced creative at half the fee. As my grandmother used to say: 
“Don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish."

A company adaptable and willing to embrace the evolving workforce, utilizing increased remote and freelance sources has a distinct advantage. A freelance creative pro can be immensely beneficial to you and your company in multiple ways… ultimately as always, to the bottom line.

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~ Peter Beach ;-) | LinkedIn

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Unknown said...

Good freelancers have a ton of experience with a variety of businesses. Every business they work on and each client they work for adds more knowledge to their art, more skills to their arsenal. You get the advantage of all that experience on all your jobs as well.

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Unknown said...

Indeed and well said.