Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ASK FIRST campaign

The Graphic Artists Guild along with the Copyright Clearance Center is sponsoring this copyright awareness campaign. They collectively encourage “respect for private intellectual property and the copyright laws that govern it.”

“Art or photography in portfolios submitted for a job should not be copied for any use, including client presentation or "comping", without the creator's permission."


"Similarly, images appearing in any of the talent sourcebooks and directories (either in print or electronically), should not be "swiped" for any reason. In case after case, the creator's property rights have been upheld, and those caught engaging in these practices were penalized, paying large fines to the artists.”

“We appreciate your desire to use our images. Even more, we are flattered and complimented. But for a number of reasons, artists may not want to have their images used in any way, including agency representations. And any use, including "comping", implies value that is worth some compensation.”

"Contact the creator before copying."


You, as a responsible creative sharing concerns for artist's rights... as well as being one heck of a superior human being... should certainly support it too, right? Pass the word. ;-)

~ Peter Beach ;-)

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